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July 04 2011


5x100 - Nino Interview

Q1: What time did you go to sleep last night?
A: Yesterday… about 3am.

Q2: This morning, what time did you get up?
A: 7am.

Q3: What was the first thing you did when you woke up?
A: I’ve been staying in Kyoto to be photographed for the movie “Ooku”, so this morning I got ready to return home to Tokyo.

Q4: How long does it take you to leave your room?
A: About 10 minutes I guess.

Q5: What was the first thing you ate today?
A: Double cheeseburger and chips.

Q6: How much money are you carrying today?
A: About ¥20,000.

Q7: What are the clothes you’re wearing today?*
A: Cap with a t-shirt and jeans. (DS in one hand)

Q8: What’s inside your bag today?
A: Things like my script, a change of clothes. My luggage from Kyoto.

Q9: If you had to describe today’s mood as a type of weather?
A: Clear.

Q10: What’s something you bought lately?
A: Yesterday, I was drinking in a room with my movie costars, Tsuyoshi (Muro)-san, Abe (Sayado)-san and Sakimoto (Hiromi)-kun, so I paid for that.

Q11: What’s something you laughed at lately?
A: I laugh quite a bit on set.

Q12: What’s something you cried at lately?
A: Seeing that I got 5th place in MYOJO’s July edition’s “Top 5 idols you want to become your lover” ranking I guess… *

Q13: What’s something that’s made you irritated lately?
A: Nothing.

Q14: What’s something that surprised you lately?
A: When I went to karaoke with the Kyoto staff, and Arashi’s “Snowflake” was entered, but even when we got to the chorus, I couldn’t sing it at all!!

Q15: What’s something that’s got you excited/nervous lately?
A: Nothing.

Q16: What’s something that’s got you in high spirits lately?
A: Nothing.

Q17: What’s something that’s got you down lately?
A: Nothing.

Q18: What’s something that’s got you worried you lately?
A: Nothing.

Q19: What’s something you’ve failed at lately?
A: The fact that I couldn’t sing Arashi’s “Snowflake” at karaoke.

Q20: Is there anything that’s caught your attention on the news recently?
A: Not really.

Q21: Something that you’re currently fixated on?
A: Work.

Q22: What home electronics have caught your interest lately?
A: TV. It’s recently become 3D, right? And so I’ve been waiting thinking, “don’t you think the time when remote controls are needed is coming to an end?” …But they’re really not going anywhere yet are they?

Q23: What’s the last photo you took on your mobile?
A: Kyoto.

Q24: Other than phone calls and text messaging, what else do you often use your phone for?
A: Looking stuff up.

Q25: What strap do you have on your phone?
A: A “Kinashi cycle” strap that I received from (Tunnels’) Noritake-san.

Q26: In one day, how much mail do you have on your phone?
A: Around 2000 (laughs).

Q27: What’s the thing you want most right now?
A: I can’t tell you that! (laughs)

Q28: Who’s the person you’d most like to meet right now?
A: The first person to have chonmage hair, I guess.

Q29: Right now, where’s the place you’d most like to try going?
A: My own house.

Q30: We say “summer,” you say…
A: Hot.

Q31: Do you like summer?
A: It’s not that I hate it, but I don’t like it either.

Q32: Are you the seaside type? Pool type?
A: Pool type.

Q33: What’s your favourite thing to eat at a summer festival?
A: Shaved ice I suppose.

Q34: What flavour of shaved ice do you like?
A: Any’s fine.

Q35: Were you the type to quickly finish your summer homework?
A: Yes.

Q36: What did you like to play as a child?
A: Cat’s cradle.

Q37: If you were a student, what kind of part time job would you like to try?
A: Convenience store.

Q38: What superpower would you like to have?
A: Clairvoyance.

Q39: At home, what are you called?
A: Depending on the mood. Stuff like “hey” or “just a sec”. (TN: “Nee”/“Chotto”)

Q40: What type of girl do you like?
A: The type that reads Myojo.

Q41: If you’re dating someone, do you want to see them every day?
A: I do.

Q42: If you’re dating someone, do you want to be in contact every day?
A: I do.

Q43: Are you the text-messaging type? Calling type?
A: Text.

Q44: For your ideal date, would you want to go out and have fun or have a laid-back time at home?
A: Home, 100%.

Q45: It seems like you’re going to be late for your date, what do you do?
A: Be late.

Q46: Does anything change when you’re in love?
A: There’s a big change.

Q47: When it comes to love, what is vital?
A: Passion, I guess.

Q48: What do you want to do to the person you love?
A: I want to do whatever they’d like.

Q49: Are you bothered by your lover’s past romances?
A: I’m not. Because the one they’re dating now is me.

Q50: Have you ever been heartbroken?
A: I haven’t. I don’t even understand the meaning of the word.

Q51: What do you look for in a potential marriage partner?
A: The desire to marry me.

Q52: The words you’d use to propose are…?
A: I love you!*

Q53: How many children do you want?
A: As many as possible is best, right? In the future I want to start a talent agency.

Q54: What names would you give them?
A: “Kinjirou.” I think being called “Ninomiya Kinjirou,” they wouldn’t get teased. Even if it’s a girl, “Kinjirou”.

Q55: What do you think of as manliness?
A: Wearing cool clothes.

Q56: What do you think of as femininity?
A: Wearing cute clothes.

Q57: Regardless of gender, what kind of person can you get on well with?
A: Someone I can respect.

Q58: Regardless of gender, what kind of person do you find it hard to get on well with?
A: Someone who talks a load of nonsense.

Q59: If you could change places with an Arashi member for one day only…?
A: I’m fine as me.

Q60: If you’re told at karaoke, “sing an Arashi song!”…?
A: I’ll sing. But I can’t do “Snowflake”.

Q61: _____ about Ohno-kun is awesome!
A: How he does his job.

Q62: _____ about Sho-kun is awesome!
A: His range is wide.

Q63: _____ about Aiba-kun is awesome!
A: He did a butai. (TN: Butai = theatre/stage show)

Q64: _____ about MatsuJun is awesome!
A: When we do concerts and stuff, he considers various things.

Q65: ______ about Nino-kun is awesome!
A: If I started listing them, it’d take 2 days though.

Q66: What good points about Japan would you like to recommend to foreigners?
A: I’d want to tell them about the things that nowhere else but Japan has, right?

Q67: What’s your favourite word?
A: “Two hour episode”
A: "Two hour filming session" *

Q68: What would you be happy to hear right now?
A: That the photoshoot later has been cancelled.

Q69: What’s your favourite colour?
A: Yellow.

Q70: Why’s that?
A: Some reason or another.

Q71: What’s your favourite season?
A: Spring, autumn.

Q72: Why’s that?
A: It’s easy to spend time in.

Q73: What’s your favourite smell?
A: Anything.

Q74: What’s your favourite sound?
A: The sound of quiet.

Q75: What’s your favourite side-dish in a bentou?
A: Hamburger meat.

Q76: What’s your most frequently-used phrase?
A: I don’t know at all myself.

Q77: What are you collecting?
A: Nothing.

Q78: What’s your most treasured item?
A: Nintendo’s Miyamoto Shigeru-san (the creator of Mario)’s autograph.

Q79: Honestly, what’s your weak point?
A: Not having any weak points, I guess (laughs)

Q80: When you first meet someone, where do you look?
A: Hands.

Q81: Throughout your life, who have you received most inspiration from?
A: All the people who create videogames.

Q82: What is the Ninomiya family precept?
A: We don’t have one.

Q83: What’s your favourite animal?
A: Frog.

Q84: What’s Ninomiya Kazunari’s greatest weapon?
A: The fact that I’m alive.

Q85: If you were a different person, what would you think of yourself?
A: A lovely, honest, sparkling and shining person.

Q86: What if you became prime minister?
A: I’d try and make life easy for myself.

Q87: What is it that marks the fact someone has become an “adult”?
A: Being attentive of the mood.*

Q88: When do you think that you became an “adult”?
A: I’m not yet an adult.

Q89: What does “Arashi” mean to you?
A: The group that I’m a part of.

Q90: Where in the house do you spend most of your time?
A: The right hand side.

Q91: At home, do you go barefoot? Wear socks? Slippers?
A: It’s not a fixed thing.

Q92: When you’re feeling down, what do you do?
A: Don’t do anything.

Q93: Today when you get home, what do you plan to do?
A: Push the button on the washing machine.

Q94: In your life right now, what is indispensable?
A: Down jackets.

Q95: In your life right now, what do you not have enough of?
A: Down vests.

Q96: What do you wear to sleep?
A: Jeans and a down jacket.

Q97: There’s 3 days till the end of the world… What do you do?
A: Not much.

Q98: What do you want to say to yourself, 10 years in the future?
A: Keep it up.*

Q99: What’s your dream right now?
A: Become a company president.

Q100: Final words?
A: Arashi’s “best of” album’s out. (Magazine editor’s note: He’s talking about last year.) Our tenth year is coming to an end!

— Ninomiya Kazunari <3
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